Burlap Films is the vision of husband and wife team, Jay and Kerah Winter.

The history of burlap is the inspiration behind the name.  A material known for its rigorous stature and breathable matter.  Notable in strength, confidence, protection and resistance to weather the storm. How effective to deeply root it in the essence and brand of our name.  A parallel closely related to relationships.  Our hearts resonated with such beauty and we couldn’t help but relate it to the moments and stories written in the very journey of life we strive to capture on film.

The essence of a moment thru film is a remembrance of moments for a lifetime.  An investment so rich, so powerful, so everlasting.  YOUR story is genuine and unique.   We are privileged and honored to partner with you to create a film that represents YOUR moments, YOUR love and YOUR story!

Specializing in wedding films and native to Nashville, TN yet excited and eager to travel as well.  Out of state, out of country?? NO PROBLEM!

We are excited to talk with you about your vision for your film! Please visit our contact page to reach us.

“Who, being loved, is poor?” -Oscar Wilde

Many Blessings,  Jay & Kerah Winter